01 July 2005

Eric's "Ride The Rockies" report Tue. 6/21

Tue. 6/21 Delta to Montrose – 34 Miles.

After yesterday’s monster 92 miles with 20 miles uphill and 25 miles straight down, it was a smart move to throw in an easy and relatively flat romp through the farms between the towns of Delta and Montrose. I awoke very well rested and the legs felt great. I had a leisurely breakfast at the comfort in across the street and set off for a nice easy ride. I enjoyed biking past the farms, but I have to say this jaded New Yorker was a bit bored by mile 15. There was an aid station there where I refilled my bottles and chilled under a shaded table near the DJ. This DJ gives away “Ride The Rockies” t-shirts with little contests like, “The first person with an ornament on their helmet gets a free t-shirt!” or “The first person who can show me an expired Colorado license get’s a free t-shirt”. So I’m sitting there and the next contest is this. “The first person who can show me a valid driver’s license from East of the Mississippi get’s a free t-Shirt!”. Well I was up off the chair and my wallet out and in this guy’s face in about 4 seconds. Two seconds ahead of somebody else. I showed my NY state license and was declared the winner! Funny thing about these T-shirts. They actually show the route of the tour on the back (That’s cool), but the dates say June 10-june 25th. (That’s wrong) Oh well, it’s a free t-shirt.

Got on the bike and was finished by 11:30 and hit my motel by 12:00. I showered took a nap, went to the “Red Barn” restaurant and had a surprisingly tough steak with spaghetti and set off on to the center of Montrose. The main street was really quite nice and was bustling with crowds of cyclists and locals. I counted at one point four different bands and two solo musicians performing on various corners within a 5 block radius. 2 rock bands, 2 bluegrass bands and 2 folk singers. Wow!! Surprisingly, I hadn’t seen a cowboy hat until today (see above) cool huh!. It was too late to catch the latest Star Wars film up the block and so I headed back and crashed.


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