26 May 2005

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10 May 2005

Training Stuff: Sample Week

This comes from my friend Tom Ziermann, a Cat. 2 racer for CRCA/Next:

For beginning racers and/or racers with limited training time

Easy day, try and loosen-up and recover from the weekend. Low gear (42x 17, 16, 15)
90rpm or more, flat terrain, no hills. 15-25 miles (1-2 hours)

Speedwork and/or Intervals
Two separate workouts can be done. In the morning do sprints, in the afternoon do intervals.

Sprint workout: 3-5 sprints (250 meters) on flat road or gradual down hill.
Intervals: 1km hard, 4km easy. 5-6 sets. As your fitness improves do longer intervals.
25-40 miles.

Longest ride of the week with some hills. 30-50 miles.

Much like Tuesday. Sprints and Intervals (3-4 each)

Low gears like Monday. Easy spin.

If racing Sunday do and easy day 30-40 miles. If no race do a long group ride.

Race Day. If no race train like a race. Hard group rides are good for this.

Total weekly miles: 145-245 miles

Other notes:
If time is limited a 30 minute easy spin on indoor train is good for a recovery ride (Mon/Fri).
Don’t take the day off before a race. If you want a day off take it 2 days before the race.