18 April 2005

Race Report: Metro Series, Central Park, 17 April 05

Something Ventured, Nothing Gained

Submitted by Matt Purdue

What happened? It’s a good thing we don’t have any sponsors, as Team Echelon was a nonfactor in Sunday’s Spring Points Series race in Central Park. Maybe the fact that three of us did long rides on Saturday had something to do with the dead legs, but no excuses. Other than adding another race to the upgrade list, it was a waste of time, money and whatever little energy we had.

Joe, Craig, me and Daniel (his first race of the year) actually had a plan. Everyone would fight to the front on the first roller after Harlem Hill, then Joe and I would try to break while Craig and Daniel blocked at the front of the pack. The best laid plans….

The pace was snappy from the outset, meaning we’d have to go anaerobic just to claw our way to the front. We were all boxed in on the first roller, then Joe finally tunneled his way to clear air coming into the second roller. He took off like a shot with me on his tail, but we were immediately reeled in by the pack.

Eli and Euri are 1 and 3 in the points, so, to their credit, they sat at the front and effectively controlled the race. They covered almost every break and took it down to 18 mph when they felt like it. No one could seemed to have the horses or the organiztion to challenge them. They are very smart riders.

Finally, on lap 2 near the reservoir, a group surged on the right and caught the leaders napping. Some CRCA guy at the head of break took off by himself. We got to within 20 meters of him at the bottom of Harlem Hill, then he just stepped on the gas and disappeared. He stayed away to win. After the race, rumor had it that he is an Olympic rower turned cyclist. Whatever.

The race for second turned into another field sprint up Cat's Paw. I took 11th. I did not see the rest of our guys until after the race. They looked shell-shocked.


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