08 April 2005

Mon Dieu! Patrick in Hospital!

Echelon teammate Patrick Littlefield crashed yesterday on a ride out on Long Island (at Cedar Creek Park) and broke his collarbone. He's currently in the hospital and will most likely be released later today or tomorrow.

Patrick was in a group of six other riders, overcooked a tight hairpin and went over the curb, causing him to go over the handlebars and collide with a metal garbage container. Landing on his head and shoulder, he was semiconcious when his fellow riders called 911. He just called me and is in good spirits considering the situation. He told me that when he get's home he will check his email. Don't call his cell, as he needs the rest right now.

His wife, he told me, is a saint. His wife understands the inherent risk of his passion. As you may know the Littlefield's are expecting their second child next week


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