18 April 2005

A hearty welcome to reality: Metro, 17 April 05

I thought this was the first real race of the year that I had been in. As Matt said, I’m sure it felt harder because of my (our) having dead legs from a hard ride(s) the day before but it also seemed that it really was a harder race. The field had almost unrelenting attacks. There were only just a few occasions when the pack ‘sat up’ for a breather. Uri did not seem to have the dominating burst I had seen in him in a previous race. Maybe the rower winner added a new challenge for the points leaders; a challenge that was great enough that they could not overcome it.

It seemed the field dropped quite a few people and it was single file for much of the time. It was tough. This race is this year’s cat 5 welcome to racing seems to me. It should not be easy to even sit in the field.

In terms of our strategy I felt I should have bridged up to the breakaway rider. At the bottom of the big hill on lap 2 was the time to do it. But my legs did not want to try that. So I did not. I said to myself I just want to rest and stay here in the draft. Bad thinking. An anaerobic burst at the right spot would have won a medal. I enjoyed watching Uri fail in chasing down the rower. Ha.

Also as Matt said, Echelon was a non-factor. Why? In my assessment, we did not have the horsepower to do much either individually or collectively. We could not execute at all our well laid plans unfortunately. To my mind, we need a much higher level fitness base especially when ‘ringers’ like the rowing guy show up. I simply finished in the field sprint right behind Matt. There was a surge up the hill in the sprint on the left side, but we were on the right. To achieve a higher fitness base we need to ride a lot more. Surprise! But who’s got the time.



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