15 March 2005

Welcome to the Team Echelon Blog

We are a group of guys who love cycling and have recently banded together to form a loosely organized cycling team. We all live in the New York metro area. We race in events sanctioned by the U.S. Cycling Federation. Most of us are also members of the Century Road Club Association, a racing club based in New York's Central Park.

We'll use this blog to post team news, race reports, training information, schedules and other ephemera.


Blogger Eric said...

I believe Audie Hazlitt and Patrick Littlefield live on Long Island. So It's safer to say NY/Metro Area.

15 March, 2005 20:53  
Blogger Eric said...

Echelon recruited an "Aussie" racer "Tall Rob" Metcalf to increase Team Echelon's "International presence". Rob is currently recuperation after a bit of a "Wallop" with a red Lexus Coupe on Riverside Dr. whereby Rob ended up "Tits over Arse" and a fractured elbow. Get well soon Mate!

15 March, 2005 21:15  
Blogger Matt said...

Geography lesson learned. NY metro area it is.

15 March, 2005 22:55  

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