15 March 2005

Team Echelon Roster

These are the racers currently on our roster. I probably should have asked for permission before I posted their names in a public forum. Oh, well.

Craig Breed
Joseph DeCiutiis
Eric Faber
Chris Forsyth
Audie Hazlitt
Patrick Littlefield
Rob Metcalf
Matt Purdue (me)
David Regen
Matt Rivera
Daniel Scholz


Blogger Eric said...

Don Regen is actually David.

15 March, 2005 20:51  
Blogger Matt said...

My bad. Don Regen was Secretary of the Treasury during the 1980s, I believe, and was one helluva time trial rider!

15 March, 2005 22:54  
Blogger Dan S. said...

Added myself to the list.

20 April, 2005 12:42  

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