15 March 2005

Race Report: Metro Series, Prospect Park, 6 March 05

Submitted by Eric Faber

Joe D. (DeCuitiis) scored a 5th place (and a trophy) in a reasonably fast paced five-lapper in Prospect Park. Craig Breed, Matt Rivera and Eric rounded out the Echelon group as we all placed in the lead group around the top 10 out of about 20-25 riders. There were about 10 attacks with a couple of riders pulling off the front every lap, only to be reeled in.

CRASH!!!! There was a crash in the final lap heading into the turn that lead us back north toward the finish and all I can say is thank you NYCC skills class. The "Big Guy" Craig Breed read my mind and pulled in front of me at the front of the field on the far left of the road and I caught is wheel smoothly when I heard a "WATCH OUT!!" in my right ear AND AN ARM AND BODY HEAVILY LEANING ON MY RIGHT SIDE!!! I learned in the skills class to balance yourself out by leaning back in (not a shove, but just to counteract the shift in balance.) Seems the guy got caught in the middle of the double paceline and got sandwiched in between me and another rider to his right who went down with him. Both were ok. The rider on the far right spoke with me, Matt, Craig & said that the guy then went into him. The other guy was seen in a warm car looking ok but sullen.

I had noticed that rarely was there a smooth double paceline. I even called out in the 2nd lap to tighten it up as it was a little squirrely. I heard some “Yeah's” in approval. I believe this lack of a coherent paceline led to that guy's (literal) downfall.

Overall it was great and all of us felt strong!! Whenever there was an attack all four of us reacted quickly. At one point Craig and I think Matt tried an escape as well.

I think we all were itching to race simply because it was so F%&&* cold at the start. I could'nt feel my thumbs the first lap, which made shifting a bit difficult. We all stayed relatively up front and Joe D. bided his time and shot off in the last 400 meters or so.

Great to break my race cherry this year and have no problems. Again congratulations go to Joe D. for his nice placing and the rest of us for riding well.


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