15 March 2005

Race Report: Branchbrook Park, Newark, 5 March 05

Forsyth, Metcalf, Purdue and Regen braved 26-degree temps to inaugurate the Team Echelon era. Unfortunately, the "teammates" didn't find each other before the race and ended up riding as two pairs, Forsyth with Purdue and Metcalf with Regen.

Branchbook is an almost completely flat 2.2-mile loop. The Cat. 5s only race six laps, so the race is basically a fast training ride with a finishing sprint. The roadway is smooth but very narrow in spots.

Racing in the Cat. 5 event, Forsyth and Purdue stayed near the front of the pack for the entire race. Purdue was lucky enough to get a pull in the final sprint and placed second. Forshyth took fourth. Metcalf and Regen finished with the pack.

A racer in a black Assos jacket named Elijah took first. A racer on a green-and-white Phonak bike named Kansas took third. They ended up placing in subsequent races. Definitely two guys to watch and follow around the course.


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